Welcome Letter

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the 12th Asian Physics Olympiad that will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Science is exciting and physics is always at the forefront of the scientific endeavor. The scientific thought does not recognize borders or limits.  Science belongs  to all people irrespective of their nationality, religion or political opinion.
Physics has given us a beautiful picture of the world over a wide range of scales. From the quantum theory of the basic constituents of matter such as quarks and leptons, to the general relativity theory of gravitation and the large scale structure of the universe.
In coming decades we are going to witness a dramatic revolution in physics. We are entering a new phase driven by vast experimental data:  data at extremely tiny length scales, ten orders of magnitude smaller than the size of the atom;  data at the astrophysical and cosmological large length scales, and data in between these two ranges of scale, such as the nano-scale physics where biology, chemistry, engineering and physics meet.
Dear participants, in the Physics Olympiad we encounter only a small subset of the discovered physical laws, those known to high-school students.  Nevertheless, the questions in the Olympiad, both in theory and in experiment, are extremely challenging and directed to the brightest students.  The Physics Olympiad provides you with a first stimulating step on the road of science.  As such I am certain that  your participation in the 12th Physics Olympiad will be a wonderful experience for you.
As scientists we have the privilege and the duty to create bridges among different nations, different religions and different societies. The Physics Olympiad is one such beautiful bridge. It is in this spirit that I welcome you to participate in the 12th Physics Olympiad in Tel Aviv, Israel. The event will be hosted by the Israel Ministry of Education and Tel Aviv University.  I look forward to seeing you in Israel.
Prof. Yaron Oz
Chairman, School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University
Chairman, Olympiad Academic Committee