Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is classified as a beta+ world city, alongside cities such as Barcelona and San Francisco. It has been named the third-best "hottest city for 2011" (behind New York City and Tangier) by Lonely Planet, third-best in the Middle East & Africa (behind Jerusalem and Cape Town) by Travel + Leisure magazine, and the ninth-best beach city in the world by National Geographic.
The city is the country's business and financial capital and an economic hub, home to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, corporate offices and research and development centers.
Also located in Tel-Aviv, are many Media and telecommunication channels (Newspapers, Radio and Television Stations), different Sports clubs, many schools, colleges, universities and high education institiutions, etc.
Tel Aviv is Israel's major center of culture and entertainment, home to many museums, architectural and cultural sites, major performing arts and business center, in addition to becoming an international center of fashion and design. Its beaches, parks, bars, cafés, restaurants, shopping, cosmopolitan lifestyle, thriving nightlife, young atmosphere and 24-hour culture have made it a popular tourist destination for domestic and overseas tourists alike, with city tours available in different languages, contributing to its reputation as "the city that never sleeps”.
The city's promenade is a popular area due to its nightclubs and bars. The city is famous for its wide variety of restaurants offering traditional Israeli dishes as well as international fare.
Tel Aviv is also a major transportation hub, with many major routes of the national transportation network passing through the city.