Useful Links

In Israel:
Israel Ministry of Tourism -
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs -
The Tel Aviv University -
The Tel Aviv University - School of Physics and Astronomy -
The Israel National Physics Olympiad -
Israel 21st Century -
Different Physics competitions & problems (in English)
The Physics Correspondence Seminar -
Rudolf Ortvay International Competition in Physics -
Australian Science Innovations -
Swiss Physics Olympiad -
American Association of Physics Teachers (Olympiad exams and teams) -
Physical Constants etc. - a well-organized info from the Particle Data Group website -
British Physics Olympiad (past papers and exams) -
South African National Physics Olympiad (past papers) -
University of Miami Physics Competition (sample examination questions) -
Western Canada Physics Olympiad (training resources) -
2008-2009 Physics Olympiad Preparation Program. University of Toronto -